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An Outstanding Approach to Children's Dentistry

At Feiler Dental Associates, we have an outstanding approach to children's dentistry that truly sets us apart from other practices. We not only pride ourselves in making children's experiences at the dentist a truly fun adventure, but in having the dental staff and expertise that allows us to treat all of our children's needs whether they are very young (2 to 5 years old), in the mixed dentition stage (6 to 12 year olds), or teenagers who are young adults with special dental needs. Since we are a multi specialty practice, your child will smoothly make the transition from children's dental care to adult dental care.

Children actually look forward to visiting Feiler Dental Associates. There are many reasons why you and your child will find Feiler Dental Associates a special place for your child's dental care. Parents and their children can expect:

  • Spacious and brightly painted private treatment rooms;
  • Child-sized tables and chairs, comfortable pillows
  • All types of toys and games are available at all of our locations, including LEGOs® and coloring/reading books
  • Individual televisions in all of the treatment rooms
  • Personalized service and regular reviewing of patients' progress

A great view of the Game RoomNot only are our game areas and rooms fun, they are also the first place that children will visit during their visits. One of our friendly staff members will accompany the parent and their children to the game room and proceed to ask medical history information. Our doctors may even feel comfortable speaking with our patients in the comfort of our game room. Siblings can even enjoy the game areas while they are waiting.

When we are ready for the child go into a treatment room, they will be given a remote control and access to a television to watch their favorite show on cable television. We encourage the children to feel comfortable while they are being treated. They may also take a puppet with them into the treatment room.

To reward their great behavior, children may receive an animal balloon, glove balloon, or are shown a magic trick. Every child will take a prize home with them from our special treasure chest.

After their visit, children will receive comprehensive dental care from our dentists, hygienists, orthodontist and other specialists. We have a large selection of educational video materials for parents and guardians to watch, as well as brochures for children's dental needs.

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Our Pediatric Team

Dr. Kenneth Feiler is just fantastic with even the most challenging children. Whether doing a magic trick, making an animal balloon, talking about the game they just played, the show they are watching, or the trip or birthday party they just had, he enjoys first making a young patient feel welcome and right at ease before any examination or treatment, as well as during and after any treatment. He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and is an excellent fountain of knowledge when it comes to teaching the children and informing parents about children's dental development and proper care. He encourages discussions with a child's pediatrician or other specialists when appropriate.  Dr. Feiler has three children of his own, (two girls and a boy) now grown up and all still patients. He has coached at least twenty children's sports teams locally in River Edge and Oradell over the years and still supports many of the local children's teams in many sports.

Dr. Feiler has nurtured a practice philosophy at Feiler Dental that children should not just be treated by our practice, but develop as patients for a lifetime of excellent dental care. To that end, we will make the extra effort for your children to take as much time and as many visits as needed to treat their individual personality needs as well as their oral health needs.

We start with a comprehensive medical and dental history in consultation with you, the parents.

We then introduce and teach children about the office and their own mouths. We have a wonderful staff that loves to interact with the children in the practice, making balloons, showing them their teeth on the TV camera, playing with puppets, discussing their needs dentally, and hearing about their school and extracurricular activities. They may even comment on the show your child is watching or the sneakers or shirt they are sporting that day.

Dr. Feiler believes in and encourages parents to accompany their children of any age while they are in the treatment room.

As a testimonial to our practice, we receive a wealth of referrals from the parents of our present patients. However, perhaps one of the greatest testimonials Dr. Feiler is proud of is the large number of new child patients whose parents started as his patients when they were children.

Our hygienists are especially trained to treat children, with several of our eight hygienists having children of their own. Since so much of your child's dental care (cleaning, fluoride treatments, sealants, home care instruction, etc.) is delivered by a hygienist, we consider their pediatric training and their wonderful positive attitudes with children crucial to your child's experience at the dental office. We not only send our hygienists to meetings to keep up with the latest in children's dentistry, we have regular monthly hygiene meetings to continually improve the care we provide.

We strive to make your child's dental care a better all-around experience and we are convinced that your children will look forward to coming back time and time again for their dental appointments!!

If you have any questions regarding your child's dental health or would like to arrange a consult or initial visit for your child, feel free to call and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members or a doctor.

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Common Treatments

There are many common treatments that children may undergo before they reach their teens. One of the most common treatments, particularly for young toddlers, is an oral frenectomy


Labial FrenumA frenectomy is the removal of the piece of skin that connects the lips, cheek, or tongue to the jaw, preventing them from moving too loosely. The piece pictured on the right, called the frenum, may be too large and cause speech impairment, gapped teeth, and can even prevent some baby teeth from developing.

An abnormal frenum can also lead to more severe problems, such as intense pulling of the gums. When this happens, it causes the gums to prematurely recess away from the teeth, allowing too much of it to be exposed. The gum may even recede as far down as the root of the tooth and greatly increases people's risk to develop tooth decay, periodontal disease and even complete tooth loss. It may even cause what is known as a mucogingival defect, where the gums have completely deteriorated, even after tooth loss. These problems can become very problematic for some people. Speech impairment can be noticed in children aged as young as 12-18 months.

Having a frenectomy, fortunately, is very simple and usually only takes 10-15 minutes. It requires general anesthesia, and minimal surgical treatment that can be done in a variety of ways, depending on severity. The patient may experience some bleeding and a little discomfort. Recovery will only take a few weeks, depending on the extent of the issue and the procedure used.

Most commonly, a diode laser is used to make small incisions on the frenum. This offers patients the most comfort and the best recovery time, as opposed to using a scalpel. Severe problems, such as gum disease or mucogingival defects require more surgical treatments such as grafting (tissue transplanting) and tooth replacement. If you believe your child may be at risk, make an appointment soon.

Teenager Treatment

The teenage years are an especially important transition period for both children and their parents in many ways: physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and, most importantly, socially. During this time, attention to oral health is very important. While there is no recognized specialty in dentistry for the treatment of teenagers, at Feiler Dental Associates, we have the experience, the capability, and the facility to successfully address teenage dental concerns.

As a multi-specialty dental practice, we treat both children and adults, allowing for the natural transition from pediatric care to adult care for teenagers of all ages. At Feiler Dental Associates, we have the expertise to specifically deal with teens oral health. Physiologically, the adolescent years initially involve a mixed dentition. There are still some baby teeth, and/or some of the adult teeth have erupted. Some teens do not have all their second molars (12-year molars) fully erupted until they are 14 or 15 years of age. And, certainly, the third molars (wisdom teeth) do not erupt until the latter teen years or even later, and may result in impacted wisdom teeth. Orthodontically, teeth finally fall into place. Periodontally, the gums present concerns for future oral health as well as for cosmetics (a "gummy smile" or uneven gums). We find seven areas of special concern for teenagers:

  • Orthodontic malocclusions — We treat patients with conventional orthodontics or with Invisalign®, for older teens who do not want to wear braces in high school or college
  • Wisdom teeth — This is the age when problems with wisdom teeth should be recognized by the dentist, both for their effect on orthodontic treatment and to prevent future problems such a pericoronitis, cysts, decay and periodontal problems
  • Teenage Diets — More unsupervised eating and snacking, the introduction to coffee, tea, and soda, especially colas (all causing both decay and tooth staining) and the possible presence of bulimia, which is evident in the dentition and gums
  • Cosmetic Concerns — In tooth positioning, tooth size discrepancies, periodontal irregularities (gummy smiles, uneven gums, gum defects), the need for post-orthodontic finishing, and of course whitening of yellowed or darkened teeth
  • Restorative — Replacement of congenitally missing or traumatized teeth in early childhood
  • Periodontal and Hygiene Concerns — To start greater adult care of periodontal concerns through regular hygiene appointments and the need for the use of floss, often not a priority for teens, a major problem in the teen years
  • Oral Medicine — Piercings (tongue and lips), canker sores, oral cancers, biopsies, oral manifestations of systemic medical problems.

We regularly and successfully treat all of the above situations in our practice. Parents and their teenagers come to us after having been frustrated, misunderstood, and feeling forgotten during these critical teenage years by other dental practitioners. They are ecstatic to find a practice that can address their concerns with the expertise, confidence, and compassion they so rightly deserve, making for happy parents and teens!

If you would like to discuss your teenagers special oral concerns, please feel free to call us for a consultation at 201-342-3600, or visit our "Contact" page.

At Feiler Dental Associates, we understand the importance of starting children on a healthy habit of good dental care, and we do everything we can to encourage this by making a visit to our offices a fun time.

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