Bergen County 3D Dental Imaging

3-Dimensional Imaging

At Feiler Dental Associates we strive for excellence in patient care, so we know that the more information we have about our patients’ condition, the better. This is why our office is pleased to offer the ideal diagnostic tool that incorporates cutting-edge panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D imaging.  This type of imaging provides much more accurate, and detailed information than traditional 2D x-rays. This extra detailed imaging is not only beneficial for our doctors to provide an accurate and concise diagnosis, but is also beneficial to you, the patient. Being able to clearly see the condition of your oral health as a clear, 3D model, will help you fully understand and be a part of your treatment, and pathology prevention.

Benefits of 3D Imaging

There are many pathologies that simply cannot be found in a conventional X-Ray. These pathologies can hide behind the tooth, making them invisible in a regular 2D x-ray, as it is unable to filter out the tooth structure itself. 3D imaging eliminates all these diagnostic difficulties. Once a conebeam image is taken, the structures of the tooth and the gums are able to be looked at from different angles and different planes, even the slightest signs of disease become very easy to see, and makes it very easy to fix. 3D imaging gives the equivalent of thousands of x-rays being taken all at once, making any of these images viewable at any time. The x-rays are so accurate, it is the closest you can come to having a physical, and up-to-date model of your mouth in your hand.

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At Feiler Dental Associates, patient comfort is one our utmost concerns. The unit's open, face-to-face design makes positioning quick and simple. Two laser beams help adjust your position appropriately, while a chin rest, and lateral holders provide comfort and stability. This system is also beneficial for patients with a high gag reflex, or small mouths, who normally have difficulty taking conventional x-rays.






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Precise Imaging

A single exposure provides a basic panoramic view, a lateral skull view, and literally thousands of other views. The images can be magnified, rotated in space, viewed from any angle, sliced and sectioned to improve visualization in 3D.The CS 9000 System is also designed to deliver top-quality panoramic x-ray images each and every time its used. With intuitive features to minimize overlap and blurriness, the system generates the most accurate images you can imagine. Meanwhile, an adjustable focal trough makes image capture simple and easy to use-ensuring the capturing of clear, diagnostic-quality images.


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