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Computer Imaging for Cosmetics

You can actually see the possibilities of a new and improved smile, simply and quickly, before treatment, at your initial consultation visit and at no additional cost. On our computers a split screen enables you to view before and after phases of treatment. We can close spaces, lighten teeth, eliminate stains, reshape teeth, and even insert new teeth or smiles onto the image. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore various treatment options with our team of doctors and take home a before-and-after photograph for your friends and family to see!

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera provides a color view of any part of your mouth on a computer display or even on a small monitor you can hold in your lap. You can view fractures, cavities , discolorations, growths and other details on teeth and gum tissue not easily visible through oral examinations or x-rays. We can save photos to keep as part of your records, print or email for you to keep, or for your insurance company, if necessary.





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Oral cancer kills one American every hour. Oral Cancer is also the only cancer that has increased every year in the past six years, due to the rise in HPV related oral cancers. Similar to other cancers, early detection of Oral Cancer is critical. We are pleased to make OralID a part of our oral health protocol. OralID is a state-of-the-art cancer screening device that can help identify early signs of oral cancer, even before these lesions can be seen with the human eye. Being able to identify these oral lesions at earlier stages could be the difference between life and death. The oral cancer screening is a simple and quick test that is done without dyes or rinses.

It emanates a blue light into the oral cavity producing either a green fluorescence, signifying a healthy tissue, or a darker fluorescence, indicating an abnormal tissue. Quick and painless, this device is battery-powered and operates like any common flashlight. The eyewear is worn during the screening by both the doctor and the patient to assure protection against the projected light. Oral cancer has a current survival rate of 40-50%. Due to the lack of detectability in its earliest stages, oral cancer is a particularly dangerous disease; however, when detected early, patients have an 80 to 90% survival rate. We recommend all our patients be screened with the OralID every year.

Facts About Oral Cancer

  • Oral Cancer kills one American every hour
  • It is the only cancer that has increased every year in the past six years
  • Oral Cancer has a current survival rate of 40-50%
  • When detected early, patients have an 80 to 90% of survival

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3-Dimensional Imaging

At Feiler Dental Associates we strive for excellence in patient care, so we know that the more information we have about our patients’ condition, the better. This is why our office is pleased to offer the ideal diagnostic tool that incorporates cutting-edge panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D imaging.  This type of imaging provides much more accurate, and detailed information than traditional 2D x-rays. This extra detailed imaging is not only beneficial for our doctors to provide an accurate and concise diagnosis, but is also beneficial to you, the patient. Being able to clearly see the condition of your oral health as a clear, 3D model, will help you fully understand and be a part of your treatment, and pathology prevention.

Benefits of 3D Imaging

There are many pathologies that simply cannot be found in a conventional X-Ray. These pathologies can hide behind the tooth, making them invisible in a regular 2D x-ray, as it is unable to filter out the tooth structure itself. 3D imaging eliminates all these diagnostic difficulties. Once a conebeam image is taken, the structures of the tooth and the gums are able to be looked at from different angles and different planes, even the slightest signs of disease become very easy to see, and makes it very easy to fix. 3D imaging gives the equivalent of thousands of x-rays being taken all at once, making any of these images viewable at any time. The x-rays are so accurate, it is the closest you can come to having a physical, and up-to-date model of your mouth in your hand.

At Feiler Dental Associates, patient comfort is one our utmost concerns. The unit's open, face-to-face design makes positioning quick and simple. Two laser beams help adjust your position appropriately, while a chin rest, and lateral holders provide comfort and stability. This system is also beneficial for patients with a high gag reflex, or small mouths, who normally have difficulty taking conventional x-rays.

Precise Imaging

A single exposure provides a basic panoramic view, a lateral skull view, and literally thousands of other views. The images can be magnified, rotated in space, viewed from any angle, sliced and sectioned to improve visualization in 3D.The CS 9000 System is also designed to deliver top-quality panoramic x-ray images each and every time its used. With intuitive features to minimize overlap and blurriness, the system generates the most accurate images you can imagine. Meanwhile, an adjustable focal trough makes image capture simple and easy to use-ensuring the capturing of clear, diagnostic-quality images.



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Digital Radiography (X-rays)

In digital radiography, special phosphor plates or electronic sensors (rather than film) are scanned into or connected directly to advanced computer software to capture and store x-ray images. Not only does this produce enhanced computer images, but also it does so with just a fraction of the radiation of conventional x-rays.


  • Reduces radiation by 50 to 90 percent
  • Environmentally safe — no chemicals used and no need for waste disposal
  • Provides more flexibility and patient comfort than film
  • Better organization of patients’ x-ray records

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iTero Digital Impressions

More Comfortable, Accurate and Faster
without The Goop Or Gag!

iteroLet’s face it, it’s not easy to stop your gag reflex when getting a goop-filled dental impression made!

Our state-of-the-art iTero technology allows us to take a digital impression—a highly accurate, digital 3D image of your tooth surfaces and gum tissue.

Taking a digital scan for your new crown, bridge, or Invisalign aligners is more comfortable and faster allowing you to spend less time and visits at our office.

Benefits of Digital Impressions:


• No gooey mess associated with impression materials
• Breathe and swallow naturally during the digital 3D scan
• No unpleasant taste


• Precise fit of crowns, bridges, veneers, and Invisalign®
• Eliminates the need to retake impressions multiple times


• View 3D scans onscreen with your dentist immediately
• Digital impressions taken for restorative purposes and Invisalign
are scanned in a matter of minutes

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T-Scan Computerized Bite Analysis

iteroTek-Scan is a revolutionary device we use to evaluate and balance your bite. The T-scan involves a handle with a sensor you bite down on, which transfers pressure measurements. This information is displayed on a computer screen and gives us quantitative information about these relationships. Using this device in conjunction with bite adjustments, we can balance your bite to a point that is so finite, it is almost impossible for you the patient to distinguish.


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Dental Vibe


  • Makes injections painless including the roof of the mouth.
  • No needles
  • Eliminate the fear that comes with injections.

How it works: It is a cordless, rechargeable, hand held device that delivers soothing, pulsed, percussive micro-oscillations to the site where an injection is being administered. Its proprietary VibraPulse® technology gently stimulates the sensory receptors at the injection site, effectively closing the neural pain gate, blocking the pain of injections. (from


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Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic x-rays are quite useful in providing an overview of the mouth, including all teeth, jawbones, sinuses, and the temporo-mandibular joint. They are especially helpful in seeing impacted wisdom teeth, evaluating TMJ and implants, and even showing details that may not present in basic film. Patients benefit from a significant reduction in radiation levels, as well as the comfort and convenience of not having to place film in the mouth.




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Caesy Interactive

Caesy is our patient education system that acts as a virtual teacher to the patient and is completely interactive. With the push of a remote control button, this DVD provides information on all procedures performed in our offices, covering everything from dental materials used to post operative instructions for the patient. The more you understand your mouth, the better able you are to maintain your dental health. The answers are all at your fingertips!


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Cable TV

All our treatment rooms in all three offices are furnished with televisions to make your dental experiences as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Our offices offer the luxury of 99 cable channels to provide you and your family the choice of your favorite shows from news to sports, movies, sitcoms, reality shows, children's channels and more.



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Our Office Is Fully Computerized

All of our treatment rooms have Internet access, instant access to patient information, patient x-rays, and appointment information.

Diode Soft Tissue Laser

The Diode soft tissue laser treats the soft tissue of the lips and mouth (gums, mucosa of the cheeks and lips, the tongue, and the floor of the mouth).


  • Shorter treatment and healing time
  • Often eliminates need for anesthetic injection (topical anesthetic used)
  • No need for sutures
  • No scarring
  • Reduces or eliminates bleeding and postoperative pain
  • Definitive treatment for ulcers in the mouth

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This diagnostic laser device finds cavities earlier, painlessly, and more accurately. This small portable handheld laser device easily and more objectively diagnoses decay in teeth by comparing reflection wavelength against a known healthy baseline wavelength to uncover decay.


  • Allows for early detection and therefore smaller conservative fillings
  • More precise in diagnosing cavities
  • Painlessly uses light to test for cavities as opposed to sharp instrumentation
  • More accurate than visual examination

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Fiber Optic Handpieces

These advanced design handpieces offer:

  • Fiber optic lighting for better visibility
  • Quietest handpiece provides greater patient comfort
  • Less vibration

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Vident VITA Easyshade®

The VITA Easyshade® intraoral dental spectrophotometer is a tooth shade matching system that uses a spectrometer to check the actual shades of your teeth to ensure that a cosmetically accurate restoration is produced by the dental laboratory.


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Intraligamentary Anesthesia

No Pain, All Gain:
Painless Anesthesia with No Lingering Numbness!

When a patient requires treatment of a single tooth, it seems a pity to make the whole side of the face, lips and tongue numb. A special technique; intraligamentary anesthesia, avoids that. It can specifically anesthetize one tooth. In addition, it is usually so smooth that the patient rarely or barely feels the injection.

“It was great! My tooth was numb in less than a minute and yet the rest of my mouth felt normal!”

Intraligamentary anesthesia, a technique obscure to most people, yet used at Feiler Dental Associates for years, administers a small amount of anesthetic directly to a space between the tooth and the gums called the periodontal ligament, rather than through the gum tissue as is normally done. Because it is so direct, we are not anesthetizing the rest of the nerves in that area, only the specific branch for that tooth.

“I really didn't believe it would be painless — but other than some pressure for a couple of seconds, I didn't feel any pain”

The advantages are:

  • No lingering numbness; patients can eat, speak and function normally upon leaving the office.
  • It takes effect immediately
  • It is especially excellent for the patient who has difficulty getting numb
  • It used only a fraction of the anesthetic drug
  • It can void uncomfortable injections in the roof of the mouth. We usually do not like to numb both sides of the mouth in one visit, especially in the lower jaw.
  • Both sides can be treated at once, avoiding additional visits.
  • In children intraligamentary injection is fantastic, avoiding that strange feeling of putting the face to sleep. Even extractions of baby teeth can be an easy experience.

“I had lunch right away afterwards, without that numb feeling”

STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) System: "The Wand"

STA - Single Tooth Anesthesia - SystemThe STA system that controls the amount of anesthesia that enters a targeted branch of nerves. This vastly improves anesthesia effectiveness and overall patient experience, minimizes gum tissue reaction, and decreases the likelihood of post-operation complications. Allowing the computer software to control the flow of anesthesia, there is less pressure and pain felt by the patient because accurate amounts of chemical and pressure is injected into the desired area. This type of injection only takes 1-2 minutes, is non-stressful, and has less or no anxiety when compared to the intraligamentary anesthesia technique. Our patients have never been so stress free on a big operation!

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