"My experience with the oral appliance is exceptional. From the very first day that I used the appliance I had a full night’s sleep. I awaken feeling refreshed and ready to start my day! What a relief to feel refreshed in the morning after having a good night’s sleep. The appliance is easy to apply and the best part is that one doesn’t have to carry around a machine that makes so much noise and needs to have proper electricity, particularly, when you travel abroad.

Lastly, I took a sleep study test with the new appliance and the results were astounding. I was told that my sleep study number was almost perfect. Boy I was very overjoyed."

—Karen A. - Teaneck, NJ

"The office was recommended by my sleep doctor. I have no problems sleeping with the apparatus and I awake with much more energy than without it. The people in the office are friendly and helpful, making a visit comfortable."

—Susan A. - Emerson, NJ

"My dental appliance has completely stopped my snoring. I was able to sleep comfortably with it on and the more I used it the more comfortable it got. It fit nice and snug and was almost sure that once I relaxed my jaw to sleep, the bottom piece would fall out but it never did and stayed on even as relaxed as my jaw was."

—Emmanuel P. - Jamaica, NY

"My oral appliance helped me to stop snoring !!!"

—In S. - Englewood Cliffs, NJ


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