Dental Hygiene (Preventive Care & Perio Maintenance)

Feiler Dental Associates has a diverse team of hygienists catering to patients’ dental needs. Each member of our team is a highly trained and licensed health professional that is responsible for the overall care of their patients’ oral, and even physical health. All of our hygienists are state registered and have passed the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. Hygienists provide routine examinations and teach patients about the proper care of their mouth.

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Good Hygiene is the Best Defense!

Routine dental visits can prevent many issues -- and your insurance may cover it 100%!

Seeing a dentist regularly can have a profound effect on your overall health. Dentists can screen for many common diseases, and make sure you are physically healthy. It is why a high percentage of our patients visit us not two, but four times a year! Here are some more reasons why you should have a hygiene “check-up” when you visit your dentist:

  • Prevent gum disease and oral cancer
  • Spot early signs of tooth decay
  • Removes deposits that build up on teeth
  • Improves your personal appearance
  • Early detection of other common health problems
  • Take vital signs, including blood pressure & pulse, upon each visit
  • Screen for sleep airway issues such as snoring and sleep apnea
  • Prevent and treat halitosis (bad breath)
  • Maintain bright and healthy teeth
  • Take advantage of your insurance plan

To top it off, your insurance may even cover preventive dental care 100%! If you have a history of diabetes, dry mouth, bad breath, or other health issues, or are currently pregnant, a regular dental visit is just as crucial as a visit with a physician.

What Do Hygienists Do, Exactly?

They do a lot! Not only are hygienists responsible for the removing calculus(tartar) and debris of patients teeth as well as the spaces(pockets) around the teeth, they also have a responsibility to fully educate patients in any aspect of dental care, and may even counsel on physical health. If a patient requires more extensive work, the hygienist also has the ability to administer local anesthesia. Hygienists easily become an integral part of many procedures, offering input and skill alongside the dentist.

Don't be afraid to speak with your hygienist, they have a wealth of knowledge that patients may not fully realize.



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