Traditional Orthodontics

Traditional Orthodontics (Fixed Braces and Traditional Removable Appliances)

We have a large traditional orthodontic practice at Feiler Dental Associates. We proudly perform all levels of orthodontics. However, at The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, our orthodontist works with the other doctors in the group to coordinate cosmetic changes as well as functional changes for both children and adults.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Michael Freda of River Edge Orthodontics, is able to work on patients before, during and after other cosmetic treatments have been scheduled. Sometimes, such solutions are available same-day along side a patient's other cosmetic need. This cuts down on treatment time and ensures that the best possible care is given.

We may use orthodontic techniques before doing crowns, bridgework, veneers, periodontal surgery, or even implants to improve the result and create a more natural, beautiful and healthier smile.

In addition, our restorative team will work with the orthodontic treatment to coordinate cosmetic results that will be required after orthodontic treatment (that orthodontics alone cannot provide) including:

  • Congenitally missing teeth
  • Undersized teeth, such as peg lateral incisors, that must be bonded, veneered, or crowned
  • Discolored, chipped and decayed teeth
  • Gum changes that may be required before, during or after orthodontic treatment

Invisalign: Thin, Nearly Invisible, Removable Orthodontic Aligners

We use Invisalign® for adults and teenagers to provide a comfortable method to realign malpositioned teeth. Be sure to read the dedicated page about our Invisalign services.


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