Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery (Gum Repositioning)

In treating a smile cosmetically, the gums must be considered as the framing of that smile. Not only must they be treated for health and function, but also for their cosmetic architecture. There are a number of cosmetic gum problems that we treat with periodontal plastic surgery:

  • Gummy smiles that show a large band of gums with normal sized teeth
  • Gummy smiles that cover the teeth, artificially reducing the size of all the teeth
  • Selective teeth covered by too much gum tissue, resulting in an uneven smile with some teeth appearing small and short while adjacent teeth are longer, often resulting in a very unsymmetrical smile
  • Gum tissue that creates gaps between teeth
  • Gum defects that result in long root surfaces showing and require grafting of tissue to cover the exposed root surfaces

Today, we can treat these problems with a variety of techniques including:

  • Traditional surgical removal of tissue
  • Surgical flaps to reposition the tissue
  • Laser removal of excess gum tissue
  • Laser reshaping of gum tissue
  • Grafting tissue from one part of the mouth to another to add tissue where needed

We offer computer imaging for patients to view what their smile would look like before performing any procedure to change their level of the gum tissue.


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