Cosmetic Treatments

Our Special Cosmetic Dental Services

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dental Examination, Diagnosis, Smile Design

This process takes at least an hour to an hour-and-a-half with one or more of our practitioners in the Center to conduct an oral examination, take a dental history, perform facial and smile analysis, take digital x-rays and photographs and create before-and-after simulations of a patient’s potential treatment using computer imaging analysis. Patients are encouraged to bring written questions, pictures of themselves or of others they wish us to use for design ideas, previous treatment materials and supportive or interested family members and friends.

Treatment Planning and Financial Coordination Consultation

This may follow the comprehensive cosmetic dental examination and diagnosis the same day or require an additional visit in special cases. This consists of a visit with a treatment planning coordinator in conjunction with the primary cosmetic dentist coordinating the treatment. Educational material (printed and video) is presented and viewed by the patient. The patient’s options are presented and a computer printout of the recommended treatment and financial options are given to the patient after a full explanation and discussion.

Computer Imaging Smile Analysis (Before and After Simulations)

As one of the first dental offices in the country to combine photography and computers to provide computer simulations to patients of their proposed treatment, Feiler Dental Associates has been using computer imaging since the late 1980s.


This consists of the patient having a photo session in our photography consultation room to acquire a large variety of photographic images of the patient’s smile. These are shown on a large screen computer monitor and manipulated digitally to provide simulations of how the teeth, smile, and face can look after different treatment modalities. Before and after simulation photographs are then given the patient to take home.

Cosmetic Mockups of Potential Cosmetic Dental Treatment

There are two types of physical mockups used to help patients see how they might look after cosmetic dental treatment.

The most desirable mockup is one performed directly on the patient’s teeth using composite material that is not bonded to the teeth, but placed temporarily. This is sculpted to show the teeth in a more desirable shape, correcting chipped or short teeth, out of position teeth, and discolored teeth. The composite material can then be viewed in the mirror and even photographed for the patient to see the potential change. After the procedure, the material is easily wiped off the teeth. The entire procedure can take as little as ten to fifteen minutes.

The second option is to take impressions of the patient’s teeth, make the models and make the necessary changes to the models to show the patient a new smile. This method is normally used to show large changes that cannot be shown quickly or irreversibly using the direct method.

Composite Bonding, Enameloplasty and Gingivoplasty for Minor Anterior Cosmetic Changes

These services usually require only one office visit to reshape smiles. It may use enameloplasty (the reshaping and polishing of teeth using dental handpieces), gingivoplasty (the reshaping of the gum tissue using a soft tissue laser), and/or the application of composite materials bonded to the teeth to change the appearance of the teeth in shape, position and possibly color.


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