"I had braces as a kid, but over the years my teeth started to crowd. Invisalign allowed me to straighten my teeth without being self-conscious about wearing braces. After a few days, I barely noticed or felt them and now I get compliments on my smile all the time."

-Ana E.

 "Dr. Feiler and his amazing team made this experience painless and as pleasant as doctor’s visits can be. His highly professional approach with his calm personality made me feel confident in the process and looking forward to the results. I finished my Invisalign treatment in just a short 15 months and could not be happier."

-Jana H. 

"I should have done Invisalign a lot sooner, I can finally show my teeth in pictures!"

-Jerico L.

 "When I first came to Feiler Dental, I was extremely self-conscious about my smile. From the start, it was clear that Dr. Feiler was interested in perfecting my smile. He and his friendly staff made my Invisalign treatment course easy, painless, and stress free. Every visit, I felt that Dr. Feiler truly took the time to examine my progress and make any necessary adjustments. He even too pains to make small adjustments like leveling my teeth by filing them or, in one instance, pulling a tooth down out of the gum. This attention to detail made it obvious that Dr. Feiler was just as intent on, and excited about me obtaining the perfect smile. Now, as I near the end of my Invisalign treatment, I am blown away by the results. I had high expectations; and they were exceeded. I love my smile! I cannot stop looking in the mirror and I have gotten so many compliments on my teeth. I am getting married in September and I am so excited that I will have a beautiful smile that I no longer have to be self-conscious about. I am so thankful to Dr. Feiler and his staff!"

-Lauren M. 

"My experience with Invisalign has been great. My teeth look exactly like I want them to and Dr. Feiler and staff were very informative along the way. I knew what to expect during the whole process and I am extremely pleased with the results. Big thanks to Dr. Feiler, Mary, and Melissa"

-Carlyle B.


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