Teenager Treatment

The teenage years are an especially important transition period for both children and their parents in many ways: physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and, most importantly, socially. During this time, attention to oral health is very important. While there is no recognized specialty in dentistry for the treatment of teenagers, at Feiler Dental Associates, we have the experience, the capability, and the facility to successfully address teenage dental concerns.

Teenager DentistAs a multi-specialty dental practice, we treat both children and adults, allowing for the natural transition from pediatric care to adult care for teenagers of all ages. At Feiler Dental Associates, we have the expertise to specifically deal with teens oral health. Physiologically, the adolescent years initially involve a mixed dentition. There are still some baby teeth, and/or some of the adult teeth have erupted. Some teens do not have all their second molars (12-year molars) fully erupted until they are 14 or 15 years of age. And, certainly, the third molars (wisdom teeth) do not erupt until the latter teen years or even later, and may result in impacted wisdom teeth. Orthodontically, teeth finally fall into place. Periodontally, the gums present concerns for future oral health as well as for cosmetics (a "gummy smile" or uneven gums). We find seven areas of special concern for teenagers:

  • Orthodontic malocclusions — We treat patients with conventional orthodontics or with Invisalign®for older teens who do not want to wear braces in high school or college
  • Wisdom teeth — This is the age when problems with wisdom teeth should be recognized by the dentist, both for their effect on orthodontic treatment and to prevent future problems such a pericoronitis, cysts, decay and periodontal problems
  • Teenage Diets — More unsupervised eating and snacking, the introduction to coffee, tea, sports drinks, and soda, especially colas (all causing both decay and tooth staining) and the possible presence of bulimia, which is evident in the dentition and gums
  • Cosmetic Concerns — In tooth positioning, tooth size discrepancies, periodontal irregularities (gummy smiles, uneven gums, gum defects), the need for post-orthodontic finishing, and of course whitening of yellowed or darkened teeth. We  now carry a line of Crest Professional White Strips available only in dentist's office. Inquire at your next visit. 
  • Restorative — Replacement of congenitally missing or traumatized teeth in early childhood
  • Periodontal and Hygiene Concerns — To start greater adult care of periodontal concerns through regular hygiene appointments and the need for the use of floss, often not a priority for teens, a major problem in the teen years
  • Oral Medicine — Piercings (tongue and lips), canker sores, oral cancers, biopsies, oral manifestations of systemic medical problems.

We regularly and successfully treat all of the above situations in our practice. Parents and their teenagers come to us after having been frustrated, misunderstood, and feeling forgotten during these critical teenage years by other dental practitioners. They are ecstatic to find a practice that can address their concerns with the expertise, confidence, and compassion they so rightly deserve, making for happy parents and teens!

If you would like to discuss your teenagers special oral concerns, please feel free to call us for a consultation at 201-342-3600, or visit our "Contact" page.

At Feiler Dental Associates, we understand the importance of starting children on a healthy habit of good dental care, and we do everything we can to encourage this by making a visit to our offices a fun time.


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