Dentistry for Children

An Outstanding Approach to Children's Dentistry

At Feiler Dental Associates, we have an outstanding approach to children's dentistry that truly sets us apart from other practices. We not only pride ourselves in making children's experiences at the dentist a truly fun adventure, but in having the dental staff and expertise that allows us to treat all of our children's needs whether they are very young (2 to 5 years old), in the mixed dentition stage (6 to 12 year olds), or teenagers who are young adults with special dental needs. Since we are a multi specialty practice, your child will smoothly make the transition from children's dental care to adult dental care.

Children actually look forward to visiting Feiler Dental Associates. There are many reasons why you and your child will find Feiler Dental Associates a special place for your child's dental care. Parents and their children can expect:

  • Spacious and brightly painted private treatment rooms;
  • Child-sized tables and chairs, comfortable pillows
  • All types of toys and games are available at all of our locations
  • Individual televisions in all of the treatment rooms
  • Personalized service and regular reviewing of patients' progress

When we are ready for the child go into a treatment room, they will be given a remote control and access to a television to watch their favorite show on cable television. We encourage the children to feel comfortable while they are being treated. They may also take a puppet with them into the treatment room.

To reward their great behavior, children may receive an animal balloon, glove balloon, or are shown a magic trick. Every child will take a prize home with them from our special treasure chest.

After their visit, children will receive comprehensive dental care from our dentists, hygienists, orthodontist and other specialists. We have a large selection of educational video materials for parents and guardians to watch, as well as brochures for children's dental needs.


                                                          Hear What Our Patients Have to Say About Us!

 "Feiler Dental Associates has been amazing! I’ve been with Dr. Feiler since I was a toddler and couldn’t be happier. The staff has been attentive, gentle, and caring. I went through with Invisalign and my teeth look great! I highly suggest this dentist to all."   

 - Corey P  

 "I took my son to Dr. Feiler's office for a cleaning, x-rays, and whitening. Their hours are convenient, so I was able to get an appointment after my son returned from camp, and still have plenty of travel time to arrive early.

My son, who has autism, noticed his favorite plush toy in the waiting room - Timmy the Tooth! Timmy is a rare find - one I could not locate on the internet. Not only did Dr. Felier permit my son to hold Timmy throughout the duration of his dental procedure, he even allowed my son to take Timmy home with him. This act of kindness made my son's first visit to Feiler Dental a soothing and pleasurable one. Even better, my son is united with his best friend - Timmy!
Last, but not least, Dr. Feiler's staff is helpful and they run an efficient office!"

 Doretta H.

 "Here's my story in a nutshell:
I purchased Dr. Feiler's Groupon Invisalign special for my highschool daughter in May 2012, at a price lower than any authorized Invisalign specialist in the tri-state area. I carefully verified Groupon's (and Dr. Feiler's) refund policy before proceeding with caution into the initial consultation, as I wasn't convinced that my daughter's teeth were repairable with Invisalign vs. conventional means (IE permanent and painful metal braces).

Well, much to a pleasant surprise, we were greeted by a friendly and pressure-free Christine (sales consultant) who thoroughly described the entire Invisalign process, followed by a personal walk-through with Dr. Feiler, and ending with meticulous three-dimensional measurements taken of my daughters teeth.

After the meeting, I was sufficiently confident that my daughter had more to benefit from Invisalign vs. conventional braces, and so we decided to move forward. A few weeks later, the first set of aligners arrived and I felt comfortable enough with the practice to let my daughter take over - attend all of the aligner fitting sessions and follow-up appointments on her own - a dozen appointment sessions over 18 months.
In her case, she had very bad crowding towards the center of both her bottom and top row of teeth, which years earlier were diagnosed so severe that "conventional braces" were the only recommended treatment, according to an orthodontist visit at that time. So needless to say, we employed the Groupon deal to it's fullest.

The result: My beautiful daughter is simply stunning. Her teeth are perfectly straight and I can only say THANK YOU DR. FEILER AND STAFF for transforming my daughter's teeth into a gorgeous smile I rarely used to see, worthy of modeling for a toothpaste commercial. In addition, she has a new-found level of confidence and assertiveness that's impossible to ignore. BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!
P.S. My daughter thanks everyone at Feiler Dental Associates for the fantastic and painless experience - and really misses the complimentary massages given by your on-site professional massage therapists. You guys really go the extra mile!"
  - Oliver A.

  "Highest quality and friendly, professional staff. We went today for my 15 year old’s orthodontic checkup and my 13 year old’s orthodontic consult. The doctor and staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and professional. " 

                        - Laura Devine 


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