Intraligamentary Anesthesia

Intraligamentary Anesthesia:
Painless Anesthesia with No Lingering Numbness! 


No Pain, All Gain: Painless Anesthesia with No Lingering Numbness!


When a patient requires treatment of a single tooth, it seems a pity to make the whole side of the face, lips and tongue numb. A special technique; intraligamentary anesthesia, avoids that. It can specifically anesthetize one tooth. In addition, it is usually so smooth that the patient rarely or barely feels the injection.

“It was great! My tooth was numb in less than a minute and yet the rest of my mouth felt normal!”

Intraligamentary anesthesia, a technique obscure to most people, yet used at Feiler Dental Associates for years, administers a small amount of anesthetic directly to a space between the tooth and the gums called the periodontal ligament, rather than through the gum tissue as is normally done. Because it is so direct, we are not anesthetizing the rest of the nerves in that area, only the specific branch for that tooth.

“I really didn't believe it would be painless — but other than some pressure for a couple of seconds, I didn't feel any pain”

The advantages are:

  • No lingering numbness; patients can eat, speak and function normally upon leaving the office.
  • It takes effect immediately
  • It is especially excellent for the patient who has difficulty getting numb
  • It used only a fraction of the anesthetic drug
  • It can void uncomfortable injections in the roof of the mouth. We usually do not like to numb both sides of the mouth in one visit, especially in the lower jaw.
  • Both sides can be treated at once, avoiding additional visits.
  • In children intraligamentary injection is fantastic, avoiding that strange feeling of putting the face to sleep. Even extractions of baby teeth can be an easy experience.

“I had lunch right away afterwards, without that numb feeling”


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